Our Philosophy

We believe that every child is a unique individual, a sacred entity from birth.  Each child has his own personality, learning style and pace.  Therefore, beginning with our infants, our program is designed to encourage the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of each child.  We do this by using a child-centered approach to learning rather than a teacher-directed one.  Group activities are an important part of our program but the majority of the children’s time is spent working individually.  

We believe that children desire to grow and learn and that they will seek out opportunities or materials to promote learning.  Many activities are available in order to encourage decision-making and much of the curriculum provides “hands-on” experiences for the child because learning happens through a process of doing an activity rather than from the result.  

We believe that during the early childhood years children are learning self-control.  We will endeavor to them to do this by setting clear, consistent, age and developmentally limits.  Teachers who guide with sensitivity and skill help children understand why some behavior is inappropriate without damaging a child’s self-esteem.  

We believe that a clean, orderly and safe environment is part of teaching children to be responsible for themselves.  Our administration and staff are responsible for maintaining this environment.   

We value the interactions between our staff and children and believe these are the central part of development for our infants.  As such, we strive to provide continuity and consistency in our teachers, knowing how important a consistent caregiver is at this age.  We believe infants are capable of much learning and benefit greatly from appropriate levels of stimulation with a focus on developing their cognitive motor and language skills.